International Carp Marathon Lake Tisza (ICM) „Tough water, great challenge” (After 50 hours)

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International Carp Marathon Lake Tisza (ICM)

„Tough water, great challenge” (After 50 hours)


As a fantastic opportunity, in 2018, Lake Tisza has got on the list of the most prestigious domestic, international fishing competitions.  In this legendary wild water realm the first organized boilie fishing competition is taking place from 2nd to 9th of June, which excited the big carp anglers who are looking for challenges and new impulses but not only in our country, even in some prestigious neighbors.

Lake Tisza might not need to be introduced. With its huge carps and diverse wildlife, it is probably one of the most promising and most mysterious fishing waters in our country, and there has never been a fishing competition for boilie fishing held at this lake.

At the opening ceremony in Abádszalók, Árpád Kiss and Attila Szamosi head organizers welcomed the 23 teams and supporters in this spirit, who in all aspects gathered to write boilie fishing history on the shore of Lake Tisza. At the ceremony Gyula Balogh the Mayor of Abádszalók, Gábor Hegedűs the managing director of Lake Tisza Fish Sports Ltd., and Zsolt Pap, vice president of the Union of Fishing Associations of Lake Tisza also welcomed the event, and they all agreed that this initiative could be an important part of Lake Tisza fishing tourism in the future.

Prior to the draw of places, the organizers emphasized that although some very prestigious, sometimes serious internationally experienced fishermen had applied the ICM challenge - and many of them were well acquainted with Lake Tisza - the conditions of this competition could make completely new situations for these experts. As some said, "There was a multitude of question marks and a huge challenge ahead for the teams and organizers in the next week."

By knowing this, it was a great surprise that the first fish of the International Carp Marathon, which started on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm, was put on a mattress half an hour later by the team Zopit Bait Service Straubing in the Special Baits & Fanatic sector "B". Not to mention that the next morning, in the Wave Fishing Product sector "A", team C.S. Arad could make selfies with a carp duo and the team Zopit could record the first 10+ of the ICM with an 11.850 gram common carp.

Not even 24 hours left when the news about the catch of a carp over 20 kilograms arrived. The official measurement confirmed this kind of sensation: an old Lake Tisza common carp with 20.225 grams was helped into the boat of „Tisza –tavi Pontyosok” in the Wave Fishing Products sector "A". Nobody expected such a stormy start, and it was already predicting that it was a good idea for ICM to start with Lake Tisza.

However, it was also evident from the start that the great catches have a serious price, because in the water realm of seagrass and quay forests, stubborn endurance, great routines and serious background work are needed for truly successful catching. The huge storm, like flooding on the first day brought it all down, but the teams literally hold their own ground.

The fish were not badly affected by the devastating rain, and the catching of more beautiful fish continued, not only one carps over 10 kilograms were scaled, but the afternoon’s largest was a 14.750 kg shapely common carp by RSD Carp squad in Special Baits & Fanatic sector "B".

The feedings were slowly catching the excellent fish rhythms, and by the morning of the second day, the "awakening" Rod Building Studio "C" sector had subscribed to the list with several beautiful finned ones in the Abádszalók basin.

Meanwhile, a new bomb of the Tisza-tavi Pontyosok Team fell in at Wave Fishing Products "A" sector. The beautiful, unobtrusive, shapely and robust common carp was 19.850 grams, gently touched the 20+ lower limits.

All in all, the first International Carp Marathon at Lake Tisza opened with unexpected catches, which is a great perspective for the future tournaments. It tells more than anything else, that after just two days, the total weight of caught is close to 450 kilograms, nine 10+ and one 20+ fish have been weighed, which is certainly remarkable. Anyhow it may continue, we can now raise the hat: thanks to everyone here, thanks Lake Tisza, and go ICM!

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